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Dated: 12 August 2019


The true meaning of sacrifice is to bow before God and surrendering oneself.

Hajj, the fifth among the five pillar of Islam. It is mandatory for all the Muslims who are capable to perform hajj at the Baitullah (house of god) at least once in a lifetime. This Eid is also known as the Eid of sacrifice and celebrated in the remembrance of the sacrifices made by Hazrat Ibrahim(as), his wife Hazrat Hajra (ra) and his son Hazrat Ismael (as), and also Hajj is performed for the same reason by the ones who are able.

The Holy Quran teaches us that righteousness is the true essence that should underlay any sacrifice of animals we make. This is what is beloved to God. By making the physical sacrifice, the person making the sacrifice expresses his willingness to forego all his personal desires for God. The person making the sacrifice should take a lesson from this act of sacrificing an animal and realize that he too should be willing to make every sacrifice of his personal desires for the greater goal of achieving the nearness and pleasure of God Almighty and also to strive for the betterment of fellow beings and for this reason God has commanded us to do physical sacrifice. The spirit of sacrifice elevated to the highest levels during the era of the Holy Prophet Muhammad who sacrificed his life, wealth and everything for achieving nearness to God and his creations.

On this blessed occasion of Eid ul Adha, every Muslim takes an oath that like this physical sacrifice we will always be ready to give every kind of sacrifices for achieving the nearness of Allah and his creations. We will obey every commands of God and sacrifice oneself and bow in front of the will of the Almighty.

On this blessed occasion of Eid ul Adha Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at gives this message to all that we should sacrifice all our desires and without differentiating between religions and races we should strive for the rights of others. Only then the celebration of Eid has a purpose.

On this occasion, for establishing peace in the world and for the betterment of our beloved country India a prayer was made.


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