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Dated: 26 December 2019

It is very unjust to associate the Peaceful Ahmadiyya Muslim Community with Terrorism and we strongly condemn this

Rakesh Sinha, member of Rajya Sabha in a program on India TV has made an untrue and false remark on Ahmadiyya Muslim community that "this community has strong relation with terrorism and they are enemies of India". Ahmadiyya Muslim community, India condemns this remark in the strongest terms and demands from him to withdraw his statement.

Ahmadiyya Muslim community is a peace loving community which was founded in 1889 in Indian city of Qadian. According to the teachings of Islam, this community promotes peace, compassion, interfaith harmony, sympathy towards mankind, love and brotherhood. The community is well known and established in 213 countries of the world because of these beautiful teachings. Each and every member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community India is loyal to his/her country, who consider love for one's country to be part of faith and is always ready to offer services for the prosperity of the country.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India actively conducts all kinds of Humanitarian Programs for the welfare and well-being of the country. It has also rendered selfless services in the flood affected areas in India last year.

Our Motto is LOVE FOR ALL, HATRED FOR NONE. The community always raises its voice against extremism at every stage. The history of this Community is evident to the fact that since 130 years of its establishment it has strived hard to establish Peace in the country and the world. So it is completely unjust and unlawful to connect this peaceful community with terrorism which shows the ignorance of the statement holder about the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community India.


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