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Dated: 30 December 2023

The annual convention of the Ahmadiyya Community advocates international unity.

Various religious leaders expressed their noble thoughts for establishing world peace.

The annual convention in Qadian, established by the command of Allah the Almighty through the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be upon him), in 1891, presents a magnificent spectacle of interfaith harmony.

In this purely divine gathering, a session is held as interfaith conference where representatives from various religions, in the light of their respective teachings, express their thoughts regarding the establishment of peace, interfaith unity, and harmony. The founder of the Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be upon him), emphasized honoring and respecting the leaders of other religions and their religious sentiments.

The Founder of the Ahmadiyya Community, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be upon him), stated: "O countrymen! That is not a religion in which the teaching of universal compassion is absent, nor is he truly human who lacks the essence of compassion. Our Creator has not distinguished among nations... He has assigned the earth as a place of sustenance for all and provided the sun, moon, and numerous other stars as luminous beacons for everyone. It illuminates other services too. Elements like air, water, fire, earth, and all other things produced by it, including grains, fruits, medicines, and more, benefit all nations. Hence, these divine ethics teach us to exhibit kindness and comportment towards our fellow human beings and not to become narrow-hearted or narrow-minded."

The distinguishing characteristic of the Ahmadiyya Community is its proactive involvement in serving humanity to the best of its ability, utilizing all available means, both individually and collectively.

To the extent possible, the Ahmadiyya Community makes efforts to alleviate hunger, treat the impoverished, and provide educational assistance.

At a time when the world is rapidly heading towards a third world war, the Fifth Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (May Allah be his Helper), has drawn the world's attention towards establishing peace. He emphasizes turning to God, fostering mutual brotherhood and compassion, and meeting the demands of justice and fairness. The worldwide leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has lectured in various significant parliaments throughout the world and corresponded with the heads of states as part of this initiative. His speeches and letters, under the title "World Crisis & the Pathway to Peace," have been published in written form.

"In this session, Kuldeep Singh Dhaliwal, Avinash Rai Khanna, Amansher Singh Shahiri Kalsi, S. Jagroop Singh Shekhawat, Raman Bahil, S. Fateh Jag Singh Bajwa, and Balwinder Singh Laddi participated prominently in the annual gathering and, in connection with this occasion, expressed that the efforts being made by the Ahmadiyya Muslim community worldwide for peace are commendable. Besides, a large number of local leaders also participate. Each participant appreciated the efforts of the Ahmadiyya community for establishing peace. They highlighted that love for all and hatred for none is presented for everyone by the Ahmadiyya community."


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