Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat India

 Aims and Objectives for AAAEI

1. To promote the essence of Islam and the profession of Engineering and Architecture;

2. To interpret and correlate the scientific research in the light of the Holy Quran and to substantiate the Quranic truth with the modern discoveries;

3. To provide assistance to the Ahmadiyya Jamath to meet its Architectural and Engineering needs;

4. To promote research work, writing of research papers and exchange knowledge with similar other organizations;

5. To provide guidance to the students of Engineering and Architecture in their career planning and other professional activities;

6. To assist its Members in the acquisition of latest techniques and knowledge and to inculcate confidence courage and spirit to attain distinction in professional and personal conduct of life; and

7. To infuse in its Members the spirit, of extreme devotion, dedication, honesty, truthfulness and hard work, and to seek light and guidance of Allah in all professional and personal matters.

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